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The University of Gdansk was founded on 20 March 1970. Currently, this is the largest educational institution in the Pomerania Region. We offer more than forty different fields of study with almost 200 different specialisations. We have eleven faculties with almost thirty-three thousand students, doctoral students and post-graduates, who are taught by one thousand seven hundred academic staff. The University of Gdansk was the first institution of higher education in Poland to introduce in 2004 the full scope of the Bologna system of education, which facilitates the work of students and opens new perspectives for obtaining a degree. To meet the increasing demand for knowledge, the University of Gdansk offers doctoral studies, and also over eighty fields of post-graduate studies, which open up the opportunity for a professional career in Poland and in Europe.


Foreign students can study at the University of Gdansk either in the Polish or in the English language. The university offers intensive preparatory courses enabling foreign students to study in these languages and, as the only university in Poland, possesses a programme for teaching Polish to foreign students through e-learning. The range of courses in English includes 13 courses at different fields of study and different levels of study – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degree as well as postgraduate and special language courses for foreigners. The range of courses in Polish includes 43 fields of study (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) and almost 200 specializations in 11 Faculties.


Studying at the University of Gdansk is not just a matter of studying. Students can also become involved in a wide range of cultural activities, play sports, and take part in special interest groups, organisations and associations.

Students can take part in the work of student special interest groups and in international student organisations and associations, such as AIESEC, AEGEE and ELSA.


The campus, located in Gdansk-Oliwa, offers a modern study environment. The campus includes the most modern academic library in Northern Poland, new faculty buildings, lecture halls and teaching rooms equipped with multi-media facilities, and student halls of residence.


The University of Gdańsk stands out among the many institutions of higher education in Poland because its teaching and its research are orientated towards the sea. In serving the development of the Pomerania region, whose wealth is the sea, the University of Gdansk is living up to its motto “in mari via tua” meaning “your path led through the sea”.

The marine and maritime focus of the University includes:
- Studies and scientific research at the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography (which offers a unique field of study in Poland – Oceanography)
- Studies and scientific-scholarly research at other Faculties in such research areas as : Maritime Law, Maritime Criminology, Marine Transport and the Maritime Economy, Balto-Slavic Mythology and many more.

Scientific research stations
- The world-famous Hel Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography has an international reputation for its research connected with the functioning and protection of the life of the Baltic Sea. This includes the restoration of threatened species, such as the grey seal and the harbour porpoise.
- The Bird Migration Research Station conducts research into the flight paths and the dynamics of bird migration, including those relating to the Polish shore of the Baltic Sea – in a programme entitled “Baltic Action.”